The Tapi Project

7th May 2016, Saturday

Gyaan Adab and its audience experienced an evening of rich eclectic music on Saturday, the 7th of May with THE TAPI PROJECT!

The Tapi Project is Yogi and people he came across during different phases of his musical exploration, who have come together to form one act. The band focuses more on the tones and soundscapes while retaining melody.

They are now on the threshold of releasing a new album and setting off on a nationwide tour. The nine songs from their debut album all belong to different times and spaces, and the only common characteristic in them is that of the band’s idea of exploration of the unknown.


Yogi is a traveller, musician and a film maker. He is the lyricist and principal songwriter for The Tapi Project. He has an international album (No Hay Banda under Odyssey) and an international short film titled Vyom’s Letters to his credit. His major influences are Radiohead, Louise Armstrong, Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. Swati Minaxi is an upcoming vocalist who has dedicated her life to music. The entire album is woven around her distinct vocal style and vast range. Her influences include Nina Simone, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Thom Yorke. Accompanying The Tapi Project is Kartik Sakaria, a 19 years old drummer prodigy who has been playing since the age of 10. He has been into drumming professionally since the past four years. He currently also teaches in an international school in Surat.

The video link for this evening shall be put up shortly!

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