Welcome to our new website.
Since Gyaan Adab began in 2013-14, we have relentlessly pursued our vision to nurture and promote literature and the arts. It gives me great pleasure to say that Gyaan Adab has successfully built a joyful community united by a thirst for knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

The pandemic has affected us too, forcing us to give up our ‘physical’ presence and shift to a ‘virtual’ platform. I am pleased to announce that these changes have not affected our zeal and commitment to our cause, and we remain motivated with the support and involvement of our patrons, team members and participants.

Currently, we operate under 4 broad heads:

Guldasta-e-Urdu/Hindi: a vibrant group under Nasima Merchant and her team, that organises programs to share and savour Urdu/Hindi literature.

The Book Club Pune: an enthusiastic gathering of book lovers under Mohini and Satish Khot, who meet every Sunday to discuss books of diverse writers and varied genres.

Gyaan-Pedia: a recent development dedicated to knowledge-sharing on myriad topics ranging from science to wildlife to technology.

Gyaan Ruchi: our special initiative that works to help women on the periphery of society to unleash their potential through literacy, literature and the arts.

Before ending, I would like to remember and acknowledge the contribution of two extremely active Gyaan Adab members who were victims of Covid in the recent second wave. We miss Vijaya Tecksinghani and Shamshad Takidar every day.

I am especially thankful to patrons and members of Gyaan Adab for their strong support in constantly contributing whole heartedly in our programmes and enriching them with their expertise and efforts. Gyaan Adab can now proudly say that we are a community that is committed to the love of Literature, Art and Culture, and that this NGO will continue its journey unabated for years to come.


Farook Merchant
(Founder & Trustee)

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