6th May 2016, Friday

 It was a most intimate experience of poetry & music here at the Centre on 6th May as Rachana Bhandari and Matthew Quinones presented their poetry in great elan.

The 2 refreshingly new poets – Rachana Bhandari, who performed in Hindi and Matthew Quinones, who performed his poems in English enthralled one and all. Their individual styles of engagement were brought excitingly together with Matthew playing the mandolin and weaving magic into words whilst Rachana infused her rendition with the evocative inflections of warm feelings.


Matthew Quinones has been travelling since early 2015 and has performed extensively in many local marketplaces, and composed a large volume of poems and music. Scenes of nature, fantasy, personal journeys, revelations, relationships and society feature in his work. He is currently studying Indian Classical music with Sri Mukulji Kulkarni, in Pune.

Rachana Bhandari writes about what touches her, what could have been and what should have been. She has a Masters in English Literature and works in the Content Ideation and New Shows Development section of Star Plus channel. Meanwhile, a new show conceived, written and visualized by her is being fleshed out on Life OK channel. Alongside, her stint in advertisement agencies and film journalism brings out her rather colourful oeuvre.

The video link for the same shall be put up shortly!

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