2nd May 2016, Monday


(In Praise of that Angel Face)


Audiences were in awe of the legendary Begum Akhtar as ‘Zikr Us Parivash Ka’ got screened here at the Centre!

Begum Akhtar was a renowned singer of ghazal, dadra and thumri genres of Hindustani classical music. She was the last of India’s great tawaifi (courtesan) singers whose voice was unique- pain adding richness and depth as the years went by. Rendering them in her inimitable style, she ensured that ghazal singing received due respect and came to be called Malika-e-Ghazal (Queen of the Ghazal), reaching unparalleled heights in a world that threatened to marginalize courtesans.

The documentary managed to bring together the accounts of those who remembered her with undimmed fondness and warmth despite the passage of years. A Q&A round followed with the director answering off queries and agreeing with a multitude of thoughts after the documentary screening.


Nirmal Chander Dandriyal is an award winning producer, director, researcher, script writer and editor of documentary films. His first documentary ‘All The World’s A Stage’ on an internationally famous performance group called Sidi Goma has been to more than 15 international festivals and won five awards. His second film ‘Dreaming Taj Mahal’ has won two National Awards and the Silver Conch, International Competition, MIFF 2012. ‘Zikr Us Parivash Ka’ is his fourth film.

The video link for the same will be put up shortly!

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