The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O Neil

Review of the event follows:

Following is the recording of the event for those who were unable to join Zoom.

Review report The Iceman Cometh
Written by : Prashant K. Sinha
Dr. Mane in his highly informative and incisive talk On The Iceman Cometh.began with the relevant biographical and historical details including the playwright’s unhappiness, frustrations and misery in the 1930s.He talked of the anarchy and the mood of disillusionment following the Great Depression.

He provided the plot summary of the play. He showed that in spite of the presence of many characters in the same predicament, the play has a tight structure  and unities of time, place and action.Professor Mane highlighted the themes of  hope and American Dream, death and isolation. Almost all O’Neill’s  characters hope against hope and fail to act as in the manner of Absurd characters They sadly lack in self-knowledge. They are also preoccupied with Death, symbolized in the Iceman.His lucid and clear talk ended with a reference to the film adaptation by John Frankenheiner in 1973.
Prashant K. Sinha

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