Review of The Poetry of Robert Frost

Presented by Indu Kulkarni


By   Tazeen Canteenwala

The  Presentation was structured well  with clearly defined parameters. It began with a general note on American Poetry of the 2oth century,   and placed Frost as the central figure there.  This was followed by a brief summary of his life  and that he became an important figure by the middle of the 20th century,
Indu Kulkarni repeatedly stressed upon the sheer simplicity of his life and his ability to make poetry out of humble  day to day activities of rural life. In that sense he was truly committed to his land and the people of his country. His singular moment of glory and fame was  being invited to read his poem at the Inaugural Ceremony of President John F Kennedy. 

On a more personal note we were told of her visit to Frost’s home and were  shown pictures of that place.
Some of Frost’s better known poems were recited by the presenter so that most people familiar with those works could then be able to follow the discussion on the  themes and ideas  expressed by the poet. Here I feel that instead of just reading one poem after another, substantiating the argument with appropriate quotes would have been preferable. This would have given enough time to discuss the timeless quality as well as the universal appeal of Frost’s works.

The presentation was well appreciated and sparked off some very interesting comments as well as questions from the participants of the session. All these were answered very patiently and graciously by Indu Kulkarni. All in all it was like a workshop on appreciation of potry in general and  Frost in Particular. I  recall what one of the listeners said “I learnt a lot” I end with a couplet by Frost  Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee  And I’ll forgive Thy great big one on me.

—  Tazeen Canteenwala

If you have missed the event on zoom, You can view the recording of the same below.

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