Review One Dream is Not Enough by Badri Baldawa

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ONE DREAM IS NOT ENOUGH by Badri BaldawaPresented by Badri Baldawa 
Review by Suyash Kabra

It is always very special to have the author himself present his book. Thus, there was an air of excitement last Sunday at the Book Club meeting.  Some 40 or so of us joined the meeting on Sunday 13th to listen to the adventure of an epic drive from Mumbai to London by a  77 year old young man.We expected narrations of some of the exciting incidents that feature in the book. However, the author Badri Baldawa chose to handle the session in a different way. He chose to speak in a more general way, highlighting the need to keep your mind open, to dare to dream, to plan meticulously and then forge ahead to realize your dreams. He did share glimpses of some of his experiences to demonstrate how he managed to overcome various challenges. His achievements are certainly impressive: he has been to both the Poles, to the base camp of Everest! 
Through several examples from his life, he kept insisting on the importance of having dreams and making plans to realize them.On being asked about his next adventure, he mentioned his dream about space-walking!!During the session, which went on for about 75 minutes, the audience could not help but be conscious of the enthusiasm and liveliness of the author. He seemed to prove the popular adage, “Age is just a number “.Reviews given by eminent people were shared along with avenues where the book could be purchased.Even though pictures (always worth a thousand words) were greatly missed in the presentation, the indomitable spirit of the author was felt through his words.The Book Club wishes its best to his endeavour of spreading a message to have more than one dream !

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