The Art of Eric Weets

16th January 2016, Saturday-7th February 2016, Saturday

This was an inspiring exhibition that featured the breathtakingly original work of the reclusive Belgian artist Eric Weets. He has lived and worked in the shadows of the city of Pune, creating art that is bound to remain and be appreciated long after his time.

Eric Weets was born in Belgium in 1951. Brought up by his maternal grandparents and severely dyslexic, he failed at almost everything in school.  He trained as a diamond cutter, but eked a living doing odd jobs to sustain his growing interest in painting and in jazz and, later, in electronic music. He eventually settled in India, where he met Filomina Pawar who represents him to a world from which he has increasingly withdrawn.

According to Julian Spalding (British art critic & writer), Eric Weets is one of those rare people – a genuine original.  Everyone is unique, just as every ice crystal in a snow drift is unique – but few individuals develop an expressive language that is uniquely their own.

At the inauguration of the exhibition, there was an audio-visual, a short film of the artist in the process of his creation and an interactive session with Filomina Pawar, his partner and promoter.

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Randhir Khare introduces the artist.
Randhir Khare introduces the artist.
An audio-visual on Eric Weets was presented/
An audio-visual on Eric Weets was presented
Filomina Pawar answers questions from the audience.
Filomina Pawar answers questions from the audience.



Patrons discuss the meaning behind art.
Visitors discuss the meaning behind art.



The exhibition gets inaugurated!
The exhibition gets inaugurated!


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