For the Love of Jazz

7th February 2016, Sunday

“Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but is a gift that America has given the world.”

– Ahmad Alaadeen.

The new year began with the Pune Jazz & Blues Club returning with this month’s programme on the guitar in jazz.

Conducted by Ashdin Bharucha as an interactive session, he efficiently demonstrated playing styles and genres in jazz with his guitar. The morning was split in two sessions- one with the presentation. The latter half had him accompanied by his fellow musicians on keyboard and guitar.

The morning was a far shake different from the usual yawning Sunday and was quite an interesting session handled by a jazz musician on an instrument that has received increased attention with the younger generation.

Ashdin is an upcoming jazz musician and guitar player from Pune. He holds a Diploma in Jazz Performance from The London College of Music. He has been playing jazz & blues for the last six years, with different collaborations at popular venues in and around Pune.

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