Conversational Sanskrit Classes

4th February 2016, Thursday

Gyaan Adab offers you the opportunity to take part in conversational Sanskrit classes. These classes will be conducted by Sharad Upponi from Geervaanpratishthaa.

A voluntary organisation, Geervaanpratishthaa has been working for more than a decade for the advancement of the study of Sanskrit language and literature including conversational ability among adults including senior citizens.

The participants were expected to give a donation of Rs. 500/- for the course to cover the cost of materials like a textbook and grammar book. At the end of the course, participants will have the choice of giving a formal examination.

The objective of these classes was to make people aware of the distinctively rich and beautiful features of the ancient language. Sanskrit had been instrumental in keeping such a large region with so many diversities as one nation. The classes are focussed towards adults and would be senior-citizen-friendly and it was proof enough of Mr. Upponi’s perseverance that we had close to 30 participants for the classes.

The classes will take place every Thursday of the week. Register at: / 020-65217333

Nityaasha Foundation