The Magic of Ulysses

1st February 2016, Monday

Voted by readers and academics all over the world as the greatest novel in English of the millennium, Ulysses has undertaken a long and difficult journey from obscurity to literary stardom. Gyaan Adab at the US Library held a session at the Poona Book Club about the magic of Ulysses. It was a fitting tribute to the renowned author and his work.

In a specially curated programme which marked the arrival of the first edition of the book published by Shakespeare & Company on 2nd February 1922, Gyaan Adab brought to life the genius of James Joyce through a multimedia presentation, readings by Keya, Aprajita and Ekta, showed a few clips from the movie on him and recounted the story of the greatest English novel of the millennium. The evening concluded with Joyce’s only known composition ‘Bid Adieu To Girlish Days,’ sung by Tenor Kevin McDermott.

Nityaasha Foundation