Take My Word!

20th May 2016, Friday

Gyaan Adab Centre had been giving Pune a host of exciting arts and culture events and programmes and we have been enjoying ourselves immensely whilst doing so. Now for  the first time, we broke away from the usual fare and came up with something more playful – an exciting word quiz!

Words and phrases are so much a part of our lives. We use them to express our ideas, our opinions, our feelings. We speak them and write them in thousands every day. But have we ever given a thought to where these words and phrases come from – and their numerous shades of meanings?

TAKE MY WORD was a fun filled quiz game about the meaning, origins and usage of English words and phrases, specially created to be accessible to virtually anyone…to enliven curiosity about written and spoken language and have a lot of fun in the bargain.

This quiz had been designed by Chetan Shetty and had done a few initial rounds in the city to whip up interest and introduce this exciting idea. The evening at Gyaan Adab Centre was a treat for not only passionate lovers of language but even for those who wore words on their sleeves.

Chetan Shetty is an eager storyteller, sings in a choir and occasionally acts in amateur plays. In between these activities he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Extentia, a software company headquartered in Pune. He spent a few years in Paris, completing an MBA from the Ecole des Ponts, but otherwise has been deeply rooted in Pune right from his days in the Bishop’s School.

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