Series I- Feminine Energy

17th July- 25th July, 2015

‘Refreshing and impressive!’

‘Brilliant works of art!’

‘Great work done with such patience and energy. Enchanting colors.’

For the span of over a week, Gyaan Adab lay adorned with artwork that grabbed eyes the moment you walked into the Centre.

The exhibition was an outcome of two years of dedicated work on the idea of essential feminine beauty and energy beyond the physical form of a woman. The focus being – complexity, flow, fertility, harvest, growth and renewal. Maria’s intent for this exhibition was to engage viewers to journey to a space where we can appreciate the true essence of feminine beauty.

“Over the last two years, I have used two different methods to create these art pieces”, says Maria, of her exhibition. “The first method starts with painting and drawing on several different sheets of paper. These illustrated sheets of paper are then cut, re-organized and layered. The second process I used was to draw intricate repetitive lines on paper. These lines come together and create a larger expanding form. Both these methods have been time intensive.”

 Born in New Delhi 25 years ago, Maria DSouza had the rare opportunity to study and learn in unique environments including home schooling. Currently living in Pune, she work towards establishing her skills as an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. A part of her creative journey included spending three years abroad focusing on Graphic Design and taking as many classes as possible in the Fine Arts department. She decided to discontinue studying for a BFA degree in Graphic Design and headed back home to India to pursue a different direction towards developing her creative base.

Nityaasha Foundation