Passage of Time- Exhibition by Sam Bullough (JOURNEYS)

December 4-6th 2015, Fri-Sun

There was a constant flow of fascinated visitors to Sam Bullough’s exhibition this weekend at Gyaan Adab.

From 8 to 80 years of age, everyone was enthralled by the variety of subjects and artistic exploration by this Irish artist. Through his photography and also his spontaneous drawings, we were given glimpses into his country and also into his mind. The well known artist Ruby Jhunjhunwala said, “Loved this work, please go see it. Commitment, persistence and finally presentation is what makes Sam’s work so appealing.”

And Puneeta Rajan commented, “Sam’s daily doodles which he chronicled in a flowing series was so interesting and outstanding. Never seen anything like it before.” The good news is Sam’s exhibition has been extended until Dec 10th so everyone has an opportunity to go see for themselves.

Nityaasha Foundation