Mumbai Local Travels by Mime’ers (Journeys)

4th December 2015, Friday

Journeys- A Festival of the Arts was inaugurated and we were on our way to enthral the audience with our acts!

It all began with four acts put together by MIME’ERS. Speaking is strictly against their religion, but since words happen to be the way of this world, they are bound to commit this blasphemy at times. To put it precisely they are a 2 men and 1 woman recipe to entertainment with large portions of laughter, foolery and chaos. They recently opened their act Love- “Not at First Sight” at the Kala Ghoda Festival to rave reviews.

The trio beautifully presented the drama of travelling in a local train via the art of mime. There was a sense of lavishness in their performance that had the audience in laughter. It was extremely easy to believe that something like this could occur in the local trains of Mumbai city. The group ended their show with a final act that took place in a restaurant, much to the patrons’ amusement.







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