No Words to Say by Mime’Ers


 Awkward first date moment
Awkward first date moment

The three mime acts presented by Mime’Ers group of three young artistes at Gyaan Adab was a fantastic novelty.
The fine make-up, the evocative gestures and expressions perfectly conveyed the story line. It was like a game of dumb charades that kept the audience guessing as to what they were trying to say/convey.
The agile footwork and dance jigs were admirable.
There were punches of slap stick fun here and there that livened up the show. The background music was in keeping with the light themes. The head popping out of the table top in the final act was a topping
surprise. Touché!
-Kusum Gokarn

“I’m very happy to note the revival of mime, almost a forgotten art! I haven’t seen a mime show in years. Gyaan Adab should be congratulated for patronizing them.”
-Meera Jamalabad

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