By Kusum Gokarn

Bazm is a community of poets
Bazm is a community of poets

I thoroughly enjoyed the Urdu Poetry group’s program anchored by Mr. Pankaj Mehrotra at Gyaan Adab. I am astonished to see so much of enthusiasm among non Urdu speaking people in Pune taking an interest in learning Urdu. Most of them in spite of being amateurs recited some fine ghazals and shayaris of noteworthy and famous poets.

Jawad Askari’s rendering of Gulam Ali’s famous ghazal ‘Yeh dhuan kahan se utha hai’ and Pankaj Mehrotra’s humorous piece were the highlights of the evening. Most enjoyable were the surprise items put up by the guest artistes – Harry Kapoor, Sumit Paul, Polly Patel and others.
‘Bazm-e-Shayri’ was an evening of poetry to remember.

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