Singing The Sea (MYSTIC)

13th February 2016, Saturday

A New Concert by MYSTIC!

The concert began at 7pm, after the opening of the exhibition ‘Island Worlds’ by Pankaj Sekhsaria. Inspired by the exhibition ‘Island Worlds’, MYSTIC- India’s first poetry-music band- brought up an unseen charge of emotions as they invoked the spirit of the sea with guitarist Majid Aziz, flautist Deepak Bhanuse and poet-vocalist Randhir Khare.

The evening was a divine concoction of all things serenity and calmness. The visuals of sea interspersed in between helped the audience ease into the atmosphere. The trio exquisitely blended lyrical visuals, poetic chants, anecdotes and hauntingly beautiful music to create moods that efficiently captured the very essence of a water world.

Nityaasha Foundation