Hindustani Classical Music Workshop by Pushkar Lele


Pushkar Lele is one of India's leading young classical vocalists
Pushkar Lele is one of India’s leading young classical vocalists

Understanding the Fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music – An Appreciation Workshop by Pushkar Lele
The workshop by renowned classical vocalist Pushkar Lele introduced music lovers to the basic concepts of performance and aesthetics, the basic terminology of Indian Classical Music and its different musical forms. The participants were led to critically and objectively demystify the basics of North Indian Classical Music and to seek in the context of changing times, a new meaning appropriate to what has come down from tradition.
The workshop combined instruction with demonstration and listening to audio/video recordings. Along with audio-visual media, the participants were given printed/digital notes and AV content to further their understanding of the complexities of North Indian Classical Music.
Pushkar delved into the five categories of music, its variety and features, forms of classical music, instruments, concepts of raga, bandish, gharanas and other important aspects of Indian classical music.

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