Straight from the Heart

 Saturday, 3rd December 2016

The evening had two types of performances in store. First was a musical performance by the  founder members of ‘Yoga Logik’, Vineet Alurkar and Bhupal Limaye. Their music was based on the beautiful poetry of Kabir, Amir Khusroe, Rumi and other inspirational greats. The meditative quality in the music had an extremely relaxing effect on all present. They complemented these songs by heading west and  performing their renditions of some of John Lennon’s solo songs.
Next, music was followed by theatre. Thabor Walbeek presented a solo performance of Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ based on the stage version by Anthony Palermo. Produced by The Motley Crew Nautankis, the play held the audience in rapt attention.
Not to forget, during the interval all present at the event savoured the delicious cake brought by Mrs. Farah Irani, owner of the popular Persian Bakery.
Nityaasha Foundation