In the Face

Friday, 2nd December 2016

Sudipta Mukherjee in conversation with poet and her mentor Mr. Randhir Khare.

The evening commenced with a montage of Sudipta’s pictures, interspersed with quotes by her that define her journey in writing. Inspired by Peter Carey and Latin American short story writers, Sudipta’s short stories are amazingly pungent, sensitive and luminous.

She began working on her first novel ‘The Crossroads’ for she wanted “to write a story not exclusively about ‘falling in love’, but ‘elevating it’.” Sudipta is a true blue storyteller committed to the art of storytelling, the intensity and precision that she brings to each of her stories is breathtaking.

The conversation with her mentor Mr. Randhir Khare was followed by the author reading an excerpt from her book, and Mr. Khare reading her short story, The Hatman. The Hatman received great appreciation. The audience was glued to every word that was read. All present poured out their emotions that were evoked by her writing, and also posed questions that intrigued their minds.

Nityaasha Foundation