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Divya, Tejasvee and Sanyukta – the three young talented poets

As the third and last segment of Gyaan Adab’s two week long women’s day celebration series the Centre hosted a poetry reading by three talented young women poets, Divya, Sanyukta and Tejasvee.

Divya, a freelance journalist and editor, writes poetry plays and short stories. She recently wrote and directed a play incorporating spoken word poetry performances as a part of Pukaar, Pune’s first English theatre festival. She has been writing poetry since she could read. Her poems are personal, confessional and were for a long time hiding in closets.

Sanyukta and Tejasvee both students of Journalism at the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication presented their poetry on a public platform for the first time.

A graduate in English literature, Sanyukta has been writing poetry since she was 11 years old. She takes interest in components of daily life and imagines herself in other’s shoes and tries to build a perspective. She writes about common people in their common lives. Her recent poems deal mostly with relationships between people and common household circumstances.

Tejasvee’s writing journey began at a restaurant as a child, when her mother asked her to pen down a small story while waiting for their food. Not a single minute has passed since that day in the restaurant that Tejasvee has been without a story running through her mind. She is always thinking of something, imagining things, dreaming and writing. She is an avid blogger and is currently working on a novel.

The evening commenced with the three talented young women reading their pieces on themes covering existence, being, identity, relationships and reflections on society. The reading was then followed by a discussion between the poets regarding the various facets of each other’s work. They asked each other questions regarding their respective pieces and discussed the creative process behind it. The discussion was then thrown open to the audience.

The evening ended with the attendees penning down the remembered lines from the evening’s poetry reading, or poetry they had read earlier and could relate the evening’s pieces to, on a wall at the entrance of the Centre. Some even penned down their own poems.

It was an evening of thought provoking poetry appreciated by everyone present.

Tejasvees poems were focussed on “relationships”
Aryaa introducing the poets and their themes
The trio exchanging their thought processes and inspirations – just after the recitations
Divya’s poems stem from very harsh and strong emotions
The audience was quite baffled with the young poets and their thoughts
Sanyukta writes inspired from her surroundings and daily observations
The Audience intrigued by the talent of the young poets, had many questions for them.
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