Wall Art, The Fan & Poetry?



It stands in clear sight with its vibrant colors. The paper birds migrate to a place far away, following their leader on this epic journey. Its colors glint and sparkle in the sunlight. Amidst the drooping trees, it stands with its brilliant blue and yellow. Between the clouds, the birds fly past.




I was situated high up, where no one could touch or hurt me, except the stupid dust, which took no time to settle on me. My main job was to make air blow faster and like every other human, I hated my job. I had always looked down on those arrogant humans that had made me and smiled. But oh, the horror I went through! I was connected to this switchboard and as soon as they turned it on, I shudder to even think of it. Those blasted human children. They used to mess with my speed. Slow, fast, slow, fast, slower, fast, and faster! I had nightmares for days after those ordeals. After spinning, I couldn’t see a thing; it was like I was intoxicated. I got peace for a few months, and then it all began again! I liked looking down at them though, made me somehow feel bigger. I laughed at their mistakes and enjoyed their destruction, but the rotations; they never seemed to end!




Birds in formation;

Soothing, calming waves of the ocean;

Wisps of smoke curling;

Steam from an engine;

The sweet, sickly smell;

Like water seeping through my fingers;

Sparkling in the darkness.


About the Author: Anuj Khare

I study in the 7th, no; 8th standard (I have to get used to saying that). I love to read and write. My favorite series right now is the Lorien Legacies, but that’s only until I read my next book. I am a football fanatic. I have fallen prey to the world of movies so I watch them a little too much these days. Something to cut back on.


(The stories and poems were a product of several creative exercises to stimulate imagination, relearn perspectives and experience writing through the senses as part of a creative writing workshop at Gyaan Adab)

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