– Art exhibition by Jitendra Thorat
17/4/2015 – 28/4/2015

Artist Jitendra Thorat with "A World of Addiction"
Artist Jitendra Thorat with “A World of Addiction”

Addiction is a weakness, a craving, a fixation. In his exhibition at Gyaan Adab, artist Jitendra Thorat associated it with society’s attitudes, particularly in relation to women. The artist utilized mixed media and creative application of tea bags in his work. The paintings attempted to convey the ruthlessness, violence and harassment of women in society without comment, judgment or conclusion.
The young artist has previously showcased his paintings at prestigious art galleries and exhibitions all over India like the Jehangir Art Gallery, Lalit Kala Academi, Triveni Gallery, Bombay Art Society, Camlin Art Foundation and All India Tilak Art Exhibition. He also won several awards and accolades for his work.
The white depicted in the artist’s work symbolized the purity of sex detached from judgment, pressure or ideas of morality. The tea bags reflected man’s addiction to and craving for sex, attainable or unrequited. His work was greatly appreciated for its intricacies, concept and innovative techniques. Visitors flocked to Gyaan Adab to experience Jitendra’s unique art work.

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