The Unbridled Spirit

An art exhibition by Utpal Mazumdar

Gyaan Adab showcased artist Utpal Mazumdar’s paintings in an exhibition titled ‘The Unbridled Spirit’ from 8 – 15 November 2014.
Life is defined by man’s force of will and passion for existence. Utpal, a finance professional, celebrated this spirit through his series of horses. Art enthusiasts and supporters gathered to view the journey of this self-taught artist. In vibrant hues, abstracts, forms and figures, the artist captured the passion and spirit of man and horse in his artwork.
To highlight the equestrian nature of the evening, the inauguration also featured dramatic readings from literature. The stirring poem ‘Horse’ by Poet Laureate Louise Gluck was recited by Divya Mangwani. Seabiscuit embodying the determination of the animal was the second dramatic piece brought to life by Keya Khare. The evening’s sentiment was represented with a theatrical reading from the movie War Horse by Priyanaka Menon, Saurabh Dalmiya, Keya Khare and Divya Mangwani.

Nityaasha Foundation