The Dream That Changed The World – Session 5

Gyaan Adab

Conducted workshop and rehearsals for

The Dream That Changed The World

Session 5


A dive into the opening choreography, a script reading, discussion about the script reading- there was just so much that happened in the fifth session, bringing us closer to understanding and executing the play.

After a quick warm up session, the kids were guided through the choreography for the play by Alakananda Chatterjee. A session that helped them understand their roles and start working as a team. What came next only helped them understand their roles better- a script reading. Nadia Sen Sharma, Radhika Bagdai, Aman Modi, Aaliya Panju, Binty Mehta, Abhijeet, Suruchi Singhania and Shekhar Ramiah conducted the reading. To our delight, the kids had so many interpretations that were in line with the play’s message. Lastly, we had another choreography session with Abhijeet sir which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd May
Time: 10 am – 1 pm


Nityaasha Foundation