The Dream That Changed The World – Session 4

Gyaan Adab

organized rehearsals for

The Dream That Changed The World

Session 4


In this session, the children had a little surprise in store for them. After a quick warm-up session, the kids were led to a dark room and were listening to peaceful music when they had an unexpected visitor.

Our little dreamers didn’t realize that the scary visitor was in fact our TDTCTW Storyteller, Radhika Bagdai. The workshop was trying to start a conversation on nightmares and how many time humans are a part of them.

Next up, it was time to dance as ‘dreams’ and ‘nightmares’. There is a battle to win between the two teams and you’ll have to watch the play to witness who wins this dance-off.

Lastly, it was time to read out stories to understand voice modulation.

Four sessions down and so many more to come. This is only going to get better. Stay tuned.

Date: Saturday, 19th May
Time: 10 am – 1 pm


Nityaasha Foundation