Burnt Sugar / Girl in White Cotton by Avni Doshi

The Book Club met on Sunday, Nov 29th to discuss Burnt Sugar / Girl in White Cotton by Avni Doshi.

The most recent book presentation was with a difference, simply because it was one of those rare occasions when the author – and a very celebrated one at that- was in attendance. Avni Doshi, who has been much in news thanks to her debut novel Burnt Sugar or Girl In White Cotton-having been shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2020, was in conversation with journalist and author Sunanda Mehta with a large gathering of the Pune Book Club members having zoomed in too.

Click the link to watch the discussion on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/gyaanadab/videos/201039171497494

The over one and  half hours meeting saw Avni taking the audience through her brilliant book based on a mother-daughter relationship which is difficult, fragile and fraught with broken memories of the past. Doshi revealed how she wrote about 8 drafts of the book, how events in the book uncannily played out in her own life later on (where she spoke candidly of her own postpartum depression) and how, despite not winning the Booker, she has enough lined up with the book to still make it a very memorable and busy debut. That the book was based in Pune was another happy coincidence that added layers to the discussion and Q&A session. 

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