Tear-jerking Tales with the Storytellers

Manhita, a series of programming undertaken by Gyaan Adab in association with Artsphere concluded on the 13th of October with the Storytellers session. The special talk examined and paid homage to the time-old struggle of mental health and issues. 

Manhita was a series of events undertaken by Gyaan Adab to bring awareness to the growing global crisis of mental health in the populations.

Various storytellers came out to narrate short pieces of fiction for a burgeoning audience, including The Storytellers Club regulars Karishma, Somnath, Bhavna, Elaine and Peter. 

The works narrated were ‘The Session’ by Steven Gould, ‘The Cave’ by Haruki Murakami, ‘Fragile Things’ by Neil Gaiman, and ‘Nadia the Willful’ by Sue Alexander.

The emotive and stirring performances left many in the audience with tears welling in their eyes, as the session progressed. Once after another, all the performers put out their best on display, modulating their voices, actions and postures to reflect the intensity of the work they presented.

A concluding discussion yielded profound and heart-touching interactions from the guests.

Nityaasha Foundation