SWAP Yard Sale

Held on the 13th of October, GyaanAdab hosted the SWAP Yard Sale, in association with SWAP. 

This was a part of the line-up for MANHITA, an initiative of Gyaan Adab in collaboration with Artsphere Pune that sought to celebrate mental well-being on account of it being Mental Health Week. 

SWAP is led by a citizen’s group in Kalyani Nagar. The objective it operates on is to reduce waste, and to reuse articles in good condition. The idea behind it was to be able to make better use of items by putting it up for the use of the community, by trading and bartering.

The Sunday morning of the 13th had women with large bundles and bags in hand stepping into Gyaan Adab to set up their tables well before the time of the event. Along with home chefs, jute artisans and Anubhuti, a pickle and jam maker based out of Mulshi, we also saw many SWAPpers who set up some of their objects for sale and barter. 

The women of Gyaan Ruchi also set up a food table, offering finger-licking foods like onion pakodas, chana chaat and matki bhel, which was accompanied by piping hot masala chai. After a morning of bright sunlight, the fickle weather of Pune made a reappearance with a heavy and unexpected rain which only ended up setting the atmosphere even more. The Indian soul-food craving had everyone rushing to the food stalls to sip on the classic chai-pakoda combos. 

Eager SWAPpers made brilliant bargains, exchanging everything from jewelry to books. A tarot reader in attendance also had the crowd flocking to her table in intrigue. 

The attendees were also regaled with the enthralling presence of Florian van der Thannen, a clinical and performing clown all the way from Austria.

All in all, SWAP went off without a hitch, and with attendees leaving happy with arms full of their new loot. The table vendors also got a chance to witness the Storytelling session that took place immediately after.

Date: Saturday, 13th October

Time: 11am onwards

Entry: Free

Nityaasha Foundation