Tales of Adventure, Journeys and Travel with the Storytellers

On the 9th of February, the Storytellers met to regale us with tales of adventures, journeys and travels. A small but intimate group streamed into Gyaan Adab on Sunday evening, sharing an infectious camaraderie that only seemed to speak of the fun to come. 

One by one, each storyteller went up to say their piece, introduced by Sheetal. Sunita spoke of a mailman who’s heart filled to see his charge’s daughter wed, while Peter spoke of his friend’s encounter with a Yeti. Ajita renewed in the listeners a faith in humanity as she spoke of keeping one’s word, while Shaheen relayed a captivating tale about the treasures inside all of us and the journeys we go on to find them. Chetan, a Storyteller for years, told the story of Ran Khilawan. A tale that he has regaled us with many times, never loses it luster with every time that Chetan voices it.

After all the storytellers were done speaking, a discussion arose among those present. The ambience of the room changed; from telling stories, to being the storyteller. Each of the attendees spoke of what the stories meant to them, and a fond memory that might have been stirred up listening to the speaker.

Many cups of chai later, the storytellers walked out of Gyaan Adab and left behind what they always do; the wistfulness of a good memory, and the yearning for ‘more’.

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