Soul Journey

(Art Review :: Volume 8)

– A sculpture series by Flavius Pisapia.

In this sculpture series, in painted metal and steel, the sculptor explores the journey of the soul as it moves through the seven evolutionary planets, reflecting their qualities and consciousness. Even though the soul takes on new inner shapes, remains in its essence… evoking beginnings in Nature such as the egg, bud or leaf.

The sculptor explains, “archetypically, the soul can have limitless expressions and is in constant movement. We can observe this movement in our own thinking, feeling and action (will). Expressed in the sculptures here, the upper part represents contemplative thinking, the lower part is more dynamic whilst the middle, feeling, connects and weaves between the two, and is the most dynamic.

Through her journey, the soul moves from one state of consciousness to the next, each stimulated by planetary presence and experience. There’s the experience of Saturn consciousness and its varying degrees of warmth, the awakening of the three elements of thinking, feeling and willing that strive towards the Sun’s light, the feminine inwardness of the Moon, the Mars-like struggle which leads to an impulse to stand firm in space, mercurial movement that uplifts all previous qualities, the creative forces of Jupiter and the power of beautiful Venus that brings the previous soul qualities into harmony, with grace and gentleness.”

Flavius Pisapia’s sculptures are powerfully suggestive and emotive, carrying an inner energy that is manifest in their outer forms.

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sculpture-series-Flavius3Flavius Pisipia

Flavius Pisapia (b. 1981) is an Italian artist living in India. He works in metal, steel, wood, clay and colour. His artwork has been exhibited in India, UK and Italy. Alongside his art practice, Flavius is an Art Therapy Practitioner and Transformative Arts facilitator.

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