Sobaticha Karar

11th June 2016, Saturday

SOBATICHA KARAR proved to be a powerful bond of togetherness brought about by lyrical words. Gyaan Adab in collaboration with Rasik Sahitya gave its patrons an evening of Hindi and Marathi ghazals in a spirit of lyrical togetherness – through soulful recitations and renderings of original Marathi and Hindi ghazals, rubais and poems.


Vaibhav Joshi, the creator of Sobaticha Karar is an eminent poet and lyricist for Marathi cinema. He has penned lyrics for over 30 Marathi films like Phuntroo, Highway and Poster Girl to name a few. Being a true poet by nature, Vaibhav loves to experiment in all forms of poetry.

Dattaprasad Ranade is a renowned Hindi and Marathi ghazal singer. The ghazal maestro Mehedi Hasan is his idol. He understands poetry and so is able to beautifully convey the subtle nuances of the written verse.

Ashish Mujumdar has composed the ghazals sung in the performance aptly. His music befits the mood of each ghazal and will captivate the audience. He also plays harmonium and is joined by Ninad Solapurkar on the synthesizer and Amod Kulkarni on tabla.
ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Pune based Rasik Sahitya Pvt Ltd has actively promoted Marathi literature over the last five decades. In the past two years, they have presented this show all over Maharashtra. They aim to expand to a pan-Indian status by reaching out to multitudes of Indians speaking and reading other Indian tongues.

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