One love and many lives by C.P. Surendran

About the Author: C.P. Surendran is a poet, novelist, screenplay writer, and columnist. His articles have appeared in leading newspapers in India and abroad. He lives in Delhi.

About the Novel: Osip, who has a unique mental condition, falls in love with his English teacher. She disappears and he is determined to find her. In the process, Osip unravels the secrets of why his grandfather pretends he cannot remember his past. Through a clutch of dramatic characters, the plot traces and connects contemporary themes of transgressive relationships, gender politics, nationalism, individual freedom and group rights, fake news, and power. Sad, funny, and insightful, the novel asks: Can a dysfunctional young man survive in a deranged world, our world?

DBC Pierre, Booker Prize winner of 2003 has called it “A parallel lifetime of a read, with a thumping poetic heartbeat from the first paragraph”.

— Mohini Khot

Nityaasha Foundation