Magnificent Tigers of India.

Gyaan Adab through its new initiative Gyaan Pedia, presented a program titled The Magnificient Tigers of India. This programme conducted on the 21st of August, 2021 hosted wildlife enthusiast and activist, Vipul Gupta.

Vipul Gupta is a business entrepreneur turned development sector professional with a passion for wildlife and photography. His love for nature and wildlife has taken him around the world.

The session began with him presenting to the audience pictures that he has shot from the various safaris he has embarked on. A splendid photographer with an eye for detail, Mr. Gupta truly impressed our audience right from the start.

After this, the program focused on the plight of tigers today in the country, their treatment in the past three decades, and the laws that have been introduced to protect the species.

This section also included the impact of deforestation on the tigers. For instance, Mr. Gupta delved into the plight of tigers in Kanha as the loss of habitat severely affected the lifestyle of the majestic feline.

A program worth watching, click the video above to learn more about tiger conservation by our Gyaan Pedia expert, Vipul Gupta.

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