Reading Amrita Pritam

In the December edition of The Book Club, we presented a reading of Amrita Pritam followed by a discussion. 

Amrita Pritam was an Indian writer who wrote in Punjabi and Hindi. Her publications are considered to be quintessentially Indian, and have been heavily inspired from for decades.
Muse for countless writers and poets, Ms. Pritam’s work has been heralded as some of the nation’s best work, and she has been lauded for her sensitive and natural portrayals of romantic love, as well as Partition literature.

A chilly evening here at Gyaan Adab was warmed by the hot chai and the passionate words of Amrita Pritam, as guests were beguiled. Dr. Mumtaz Peerbhoy oversaw the programme, and stories were beautifully narrated by Sunita Shetty and Ahmed Karim.

Nityaasha Foundation