Open Mic (Let’s Talk About Nature)

9th July 2016, Saturday

Vanarati Foundation in association with Gyaan Adab organised a most spectacular and energetic Open Mic on the theme- “Let’s Talk About Nature”.

“Climate change and rapid urbanization is rapidly destroying and degrading the natural world around us. Despite that we are still blessed with great biodiversity both in India and the world. It is up to us to protect and sustain this earth.”

This was an open mic session where you could share your research, stories, poetry or an important activity which you are involved or wish people to hear about or simply you views about the wonders of nature and how it is destroyed. These environmental themed open mic sessions will be an activity which Vanarati Foundation wishes to hold regularly across different venues in the city to create a platform for environmental enthusiasts, workers, NGOs, researchers, activists and concerned citizens of any walk of life to come together and support one another

“Vanarati” is a Pune based NGO committed to the cause of research, the environment and education. It is an initiative consisting of researchers, educators and activists committed towards creating a better world.







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