Poetry Beyond Borders

Gyaan Adab 

organized the launch of

Poetry Beyond Borders


Gyaan Adab was happy to launch Poetry Beyond Borders- a nationwide movement in association with River Books.

The movement started with the launch of Mountains of My Silence by Randhir Khare, published by River Books. The event included three main components. First was the official launch of the book by founding members of Gyaan Adab: Mr. & Mrs. Merchant. Next, there was a collaborative performance by three greats: The author of the book-Randhir Khare, renowned actor and singer-poet – Jawad Askari and, highly accomplished flautist – Ramesh Golani.

The performance included recitations of poems by the author, and a response to the same by Mr. Askari in the form of Urdu poetry and music by Mr. Golani.

The evening included a very evocative speech by the founding member of River Books, Lavanya Khare who emphasized that the aim of the publishing house is to make reading popular again.

At the end of the event, readers could pick up copies of the book for a donation. These donations will be given to a struggling artist.

Date: Sunday, 19th November
Time: 6.30 PM
Entry free

Nityaasha Foundation