Kavi Kalam Aur Hum

On the eve of Dusshera, Gyaan Adab in association with Neerja Kreations presented Kavi, Kalam Aur Hum. In this festive season, while receive the warm wishes and blessings from our loved ones, it was also important to us to give to the ones who need the most. Therefore, in the spirit of giving and helping we hosted this event as a fundraiser to help the children of Nityaasha Foundation.

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Kavi Kalam Aur Hum was an initiative to merge the beauty of poetry and dance. It explored the works and ideas of many greats and writers like Bankim Chandra Chaterjee, Jaishankar Prasad, Nirala, Mahadevi Varma, Dinkar, Neeraj to name a few.

Kavi, Kalam Aur Hum is poetry interspersed with Kathak and movement. A seamless conversation between literature and dance ensued as Dr. Sunil Deodhar & Neerja Apte recited the poems and introduced the writers for the audiences. The recitation had choreographed dance performances complementing the recitation.

A better programme could not have been asked for on the eve of Dusshera.


Concept & Direction : Neerja Apte
Script : Dr. Sunil Deodhar & Neerja Apte
Choreography : Ameera Patankar
Composer & Singer : Vaishali Bakore
Artists : Avani Gadre; Aniruddha Dadke, Bhargavi Sardesai,
Ameera Patankar & Neerja Apte

Nityaasha Foundation