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Baljeet Singh Kocchar is a renowned motorcyclist and bike enthusiast who will be sharing with us his journey through his years of biking. Nominated for Wanderer of the Year 2013, and member of the Roadshakers Royal Enfield Biker Club, he has covered 180,000 km on his Royal Enfield Classic 800 for over 30 years. Baljeet is grateful for having been able to see his country in a unique and absolutely thrilling style, and has an endless number of exciting travel adventures to share with us. [/tab1]





Divya has been riding cycling for 2 decades, touring in India and abroad. She was the first Indian woman participant in PBP cycle race 2011. She strongly advocates endurance sports to people of all ages, simply for what it does for one’s confidence and sense of self-worth. She wishes to see more women out on the streets, strong and free!


Travelling is an integral part of Majid Aziz’s life. He has wandered in the busiest cities of the world and at the same time walked in the remotest villages of India; tasted food in all shapes and sizes from cafes and five-star hotels as well as from shady joints and thelas. Travelling has taught him the simplest and the toughest lessons of life. He looks for music in all his journeys and uses it a bridge to travel back in his thoughts and mind- long after the journey is over.

Salis Quraishi’s newly minted passion for bike touring has taken him places. 33 years old and an engineering graduate, he spent his college days commuting on a bicycle but fell in love with it during his corporate life. A staunch admirer of morning bike rides, Salish is influenced by the eccentric and unconventional part of society, people and culture.



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