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Empty cafe is a fusion band merging not just two instruments but two different  cultures and genres of music originating in opposite corners of the world. Featured at the NH7 weekender in 2010 and invited to the Ladakh confluence 2010, this band comprising
guitarist Vinay Kaushal and talented flautist Gandhaar Amin and accompanied by  percussionist Shreya’s Iyengar and bassist Among Jamir, promises to be an unforgettable
musical adventure.






Milind Date is one of the finest flautists from India. He is one of the senior most disciples of legendary Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and has performed more than 3000 concerts all over the world. Milind is known for his works in Indian Classical music and Fusion Music and has collaborated with many artists from all over the world. An accomplished, versatile composer and arranger, Milind has experimented with several music and dance forms as showcased in his band Fusion. He has composed music for several short films and documentaries too.





About SOTS:
The Looking Glass has come up with its production, ‘Sounds of the Sufis’. Sounds of the Sufis is part Documentary Theatre, part Music Appreciation, part Workshop, and all in all an interesting experience, that traces the journey of Sufism since the 8th Century till date, whilst also touching upon our personal lives. Sounds of the Sufis, as an interactive performance, not just traces the historical evidences of the epic movement of love (Sufism), but also speaks earnestly of the lives of the performers through music and poetry. This provides for a never-seen-before connect established with the audiences, where the audience identifies with the performance at a deep level, bringing the800-year-old philosophy to life in Please find attached a note about the performance and the artists involved along with this email.
Successful Runs:
We’ve had successful performances at various venues like The Hive (Mumbai), Prithvi Theatre Festival, 2014 (Mumbai), Acoustic Music Festival (Lonavla) Shoonya Space (Bangalore), Mysore Association (Mumbai), Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2015 (Mumbai), Juhu Jagruti Hall, (Mumbai), and at SP Jain Auditorium (Bhavans Andheri Cultural Centre, Mumbai).



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