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Aarti Irani has more than 15 years of experience in her specialized fields of Mall  Management, Acquisition Marketing & Retention and Relationship Marketing. She learned cooking at an early age of five, her inspiration being her dad who used to experiment with various dishes. It later developed into a passion for her as she reached the top 50 of Master Chef India Season 2. Even though Aarti hasn’t been involved using her skills professionally, she is looking at opening a place of her own by early next year.


Nitu Bajwa Malladi is a former athlete, a mountaineer, a mother, a learner, a dreamer, one who loves to sing and dish out yummy food. She is currently a home-baker who makes your celebrations super cool with her cakes and bakes. A working mother and the need for healthy food is what set her journey off at a very young age. The first disastrous dish being the humble rice, made while her mom was away at work. Nitu has always been eager to ask for recipes from her friends, mothers; trying them at home and in the process getting hooked on to cooking. She was the official chef for her whole wing during her hostel days. Moving away to Pune for work fuelled the passion more, whereas marriage brought both North and South cuisines together for her.[/tab2]


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