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India has a plethora of trains and plenty of people who closely follow the magnificent railways as they roll across to keep the country ticking. So, as a committed Indian Railway enthusiast, Apurva Bahadur lives in paradise. Based in Pune, he has been shooting images of trains in the relatively distant hinterlands of his home city and the Konkan region. Focusing of capturing trains in scenic locations, his photo-shoots are a combination of railfanning, treks and hill-climbs. Professionally a technical writer with a leading multi-national company, Apurva has been following his passion for over 25 years.

Atul’s work reflects his journeys through the Konkan highlighting the warmth and luminescence of the countryside which is alive with the past and the present. His watercolours are exquisitely led and never seize to surprise and delight each time they are viewed. His journeys encapsulate the precious beauty of the land. With an art teacher diploma and a Bachelor of fine Arts (specialisation in painting), Atul’s paintings have been exhibited over the country in places like Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.


Bijay-Biswaal[/span4]The self-taught railway conductor with an unbridled passion for painting, who has successfully carried his work to national and international levels. The only Indian cartoonist to get diploma from Bulgaria, for cartoon on climate change (2010). His work went viral on social media to great appreciation a few months ago. He has participated in paintings exhibitions all over India and also in Russia, Indonesia, Kuwait and Washington DC.


Artist, photographer, designer, Sam Bullough uses art as a therapeutic medium in his professional and personal life. His art work ranges from spontaneous imagery to pieces that have been meticulously researched and slowly evolved over years. A multi-disciplinary artist, Sam explores a wide variety of materials, including paint, collage and masks, and themesThe uniqueness that each artist had.bQuite often, pre-planning gives him more trouble than the aspect of painting. Playing with the idea, getting lost with the process. But hopes to come to a conclusion- what this exhibition is to revisit old, incomplete work and adding to it from his current situation- the pieces that he features will be representation of the passage of time as a journey; almost like a diary.


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