Guitar Music from South America

7th August, Friday

The centre space was vibrant and humming with energy as Veet J Ohnemus led the gathering into an evening of melody and melancholy. To hear South American music in the alcoves of Kalyani Nagar, Pune was a charm in itself and Veet’s soft thrumming helped set the mood, leading the evening eventually to a fitting end.

The evening began with Cardoso’s Milonga (a popular musical genre originating in the 1870’s) and went to one of the most regarded songs in Argentinian folk music Alfonsina y el Mar by Ramirez, dedicated to poetess Alfonsina Storni. Soon thereafter, the music led us to Brazil, with the Valseana by Sergio Assad, one of the most respected contemporary guitar composers. We continued our journey into Brazilian music with beautiful songs and rhythms by the Brazilian singer/guitarist Toquinho, the great brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, Paulo Bellinati and Egberto Gismonti. The journey ends with Sergio Assad once again, and his Fantasia.

Over the years, Veet J.Ohnemus has played an eminent role the world of the classical guitar. Critics, concert visitors and colleagues alike are fascinated by his virtuosic approach to the guitar. His colorful and dynamic interpretations and his sense for phrasing in music are applied to a multitude of styles and epochs. He has played concerts and tours in ten European countries as well as in Japan, Singapore and India. To date, there are eight CDs published out of which three contains his own compositions.

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