Documentary Screening – Khayal Darpan

 Friday, 23rd December 2016


The documentary, Khayal Darpan, attracted many classical music enthusiasts who were mesmerized by the beauty and content of the documentary film.
In a quest to explore the impact of India’s Partition on the classical music traditions of South Asia, the Delhi-based filmmaker Yousuf Saeed spent 6 months in Pakistan in 2005.
The film documents his journey in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad – interviewing musicians and scholars, attending music concerts, and observing the teaching of music in various institutions, Yousuf not only documented some of the surviving practitioners and patrons of classical music, but also raised many vital questions, about cultural identity, nationalism, legitimacy of music in Islam, Pakistan’s popular culture and its affairs with India, and the survival of classical music itself in South Asia.

His quest resulted in a musical documentary film, Khayal Darpan, featuring many talented musicians of Pakistan.

Nityaasha Foundation