Celebrating the mountains- Art exhibition cum Talk

Audience awed by the painter Rajendra Poudel's reflection on the Himalayas
Audience awed by the painter Rajendra Poudel’s reflection on the Himalayas

An eclectic gathering of art lovers and supporters were present at the opening of Rajendra Poudel’s exhibition of water-colour works at the GyaanAdab gallery on saturday 12th April 2014. They were awed by the painter’s reflection on the Himalayas which was rendered in soft and hard techniques, beguilingly bringing alive their many moods and features. The lofty feeling of the evening was enhanced by a multi-art presentation which celebrated the numerous the mountains. It featured Randhir Khare’s readings from the works of travellers and adventurers such as Wilfred Thesiger and Peter Matthiessen and Vineeta Shetty’s rendition of poems by John Milton and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Those present were carried further away by a soulful and uplifting flute recital by Deepak Bhanuse which was illustrated by magical digital images of the mountainous region of Ladakh. A relaxed glow was visible on the faces of those present when the programme came to a close.

Nityaasha Foundation