Bhasha Kabhi Bandhati Nahin

By Kusum Gokarn

A unique attempt to showcase various Indian languages on one platform
A unique attempt to showcase various Indian languages on one platform

Gyaan Adab hosted a poetry recitation program by several poets in different Indian regional languages under the title of Bhasha Kabhi Bandhati Nahin (Language is never binding). This marvelous program was spearheaded by the dynamic anchor Sanjay Bhardwaj of Navkshitij productions. It showcased several poets who recited their poems in various regional languages ranging from Bengali, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi to Marathi, Guajarati, Hindi.

The poems forcefully reflected the poets’ subjective and objective views on various sensitive topics like terrorism, gender bias, social injustice, political upheavals, etc. Almost all the poems were of a very high intellectual standard expressing sincere sentiments in clear diction. The translators of each poem in Hindi did good justice to the contents to convey the poets’ thoughts and ideas for the benefit of
those in the audience who were not familiar with these regional languages.

Sanjay Bhardwaj started and ended this mind absorbing and heart touching programme with his powerful title poem in Hindi – ‘Bhasha Kabhi Bandhati Nahin’, tracing the origin of the creation of the universe, nature, sound and finally human language that binds humanity together. His fine recitation was accompanied by emotive Kathak dance movements by a female artiste from his group. As a topping finale, a young artiste recited Ravindranath Tagore’s famous poem – ‘Where the mind is without fear’ that summed up the theme of this superb poetry program.

It was indeed a great pleasure to see a confluence of so many tributaries of regional languages in poetic form in the heart of Pune – Punya Nagari as it is befittingly termed.

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