Art Review :: Volume 14

(Art Review :: Volume 14) | Pune Biennale Special 2017

As a part of Pune Biennale in the month of January 2017 Gyaan Adab – Pune’s Premier Cultural Centre hosted Art Exhibitions

Solo show : On The Waters of My World

Artist : Bhalchandra Mandke

Group Show

Artists : Sam Bullough, Aakansha Gaur, Kalpana Hombali, Smita Deshpande, Rasana Bhardwaj, Sarah Qureshi

School Visits : The Rewachand Bhojwani Academy visit


Bhalchandra Mandke
Bhalchandra Mandke is a celebrated senior artist from India whose works are permanently on display at the Lalit Kala Academy and the National Gallery of Modern Art.

The art of Bhalchandra Mandke in this series is suffused with a powerful aquatic presence that uses the metaphors of water and boats to evoke the deep connectedness he sees between human life and nature. The primal energy of water and its interplay with boatmen and seafarers reveals itself through contrasting yet blending colours and forms brought together through compositions drawn from the real and the imagined. The rawness of the living experience exquisitely comes alive with the refined balance of a masterful eye and hand.

Though not obviously apparent, the human reality constantly shines out of the canvases. This reality has been distilled from diverse cultures. That, feels, Mandke, sums up the essence of his own identity. On another level, he feels that nature too plays a significant role in continually shaping his identity. He is of the opinion that elements in nature too have influenced the manner in which he introspects. Identity, according to the artist, includes a large range of aspects. Much like the polarities that nature beholds– a concept that has inspired many of his paintings.

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Group show


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School Visit : The Rewachand Bhojwani Academy visit

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