Art Review :: Volume 12

(Art Review :: Volume 12) | Pune Biennale Special 2017

In the month of January 2017, Gyaan Adab - Pune’s Premier Cultural Centre hosted Art Exhibitions as part of Pune Biennale 2017.

Solo show : A View From Within

Artist: Maitreya Yeshwant

Group show : Rhythms

Artists: Anisha Kotibhaskar, Ekta Kumar, Smita Marathe, Samarin Sayed, Bhupender  Sharma

School Visits : MIT Pune, Symbiosis International, Vivero International



Solo Show - A View From Within

I paint as pure expression, without limiting myself with boundaries, forms or colours. The moment I feel that I am at the peak of any emotion, be it love, happiness, anger, fear or anything, I stand in front of the canvas and I surrender.

My emotions channelling through my character, give me my colours, my shapes and textures. When I have surrendered, there remains no duality, no right or wrong, only rhythms and dances of colours. I paint        intuitively, with trust in nature and hence in myself.

During the process of painting, I am not worried about the end ‘product’, I am merely enjoying playing with colours. After minutes, hours or at times, days, there is a beautiful uplifting moment when time stops and the canvas literally speaks to me. The painting is done.

A View from Within, is my attempt to tap the inner glimpse or rather texture of any emotion. What would my “love” or my “rage” look like when expressed on a canvas.

Artist - Maitreya

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Group Show - Rhythms


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School Visits : MIT Pune, Symbiosis International, Vivero International

MIT Pune

Symbiosis International

Vivero International

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