Art Hop

Art Hop at Gyaan Adab Centre
Art Hop at Gyaan Adab Centre

Sunday of April 27 was anything but lazy. Art Hop provided an opportunity for all art enthusiasts in the city to indulge in a day of fine art and art related activities. Gyaan Adab Centre which was one of the 14 locations of Art Hop played host to some very interesting art exhibitions, workshops and experiences.

Artist Cyril’s thought provoking art in oil and digital along with his reflective photographs was a welcome sight at the entrance of the centre. Natasha’s oil paintings also made a delightful sight. Artist Saket’s series of ‘Water Gardens’ with white lilies on green leaves in their endless colourful water hues had a soothing effect. Malathi’s series ‘Busy’ of ink on paper presented an examination of our everyday lives. The protagonist of the series ‘the observant eye’ tried to decode our everyday and raised question in each illustration.

Gyaan Adab hosted a workshop on haiku conducted by Madhuri Maitra who has recently published her book, ‘Haiku and other Micropoetry’. The workshop was attended and appreciated by a large number of poetry enthusiasts.

Gyaan Adab also organized a music workshop facilitated by Mr. Randhir Khare where the participants got the opportunity to play exotic tribal instruments from Australia and Africa. The participants experimented with the instruments and collaborated to create sounds to moods like bloom, pure love, spooky, excitement, gloom and sunrise.

Mr. Khare also facilitated a community art experience where the participants were asked to collectively make posters on the theme of ‘The Power of the Written Word’. The participants portrayed an interesting synergy of thought and idea which gave way to some very interesting posters.

The final segment of the Art Hop at Gyaan Adab Centre was a story telling session by the group ‘The Storytellers’. Chetan Shetty, Dola Dasgupta, Sheetal Janhavi and Peter Viegas narrated some very interesting stories which children and adults alike enjoyed with captive attention.

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